The Bible: Myth or Fact?

As Christians, we understand the Bible to be the very word of God, and the ultimate foundation for our faith. In that case, it had better be a firm foundation! This class approaches the Bible from all sides to provide in-depth answers to fundamental questions: where did it come from? Has it been changed? Does it have errors? Does it still hold up today?


301 – Sola Scriptura


In the 16th century, Martin Luther (and other reformers) affirmed the doctrine of Sola Scriptura: Scripture is the sole infallible authority for faith and practice. Should the Bible really be placed above all other authorities? What happens when you don’t have a plumb line for life?

302 – Canon and Authorship
of the Bible

Canon Authorship

The Bible is a collection of many smaller books by a variety of authors. Who decided which books made it in? Is it possible that some books were unfairly excluded? This lesson will show you how our Bible was assembled over a span of around 1500 years.

303 – Historical Accuracy
of the Bible

Historical Accuracy

Do the Bible’s narratives consist of historical facts, or just legends? This lesson will look at the overwhelming archaeological evidence that silences skeptics and supports biblical history.

304 – Bible Translation:
Has It Been Changed?


No part of the Bible was originally written in English. Can we be certain the message we read today is the same one that was written down thousands of years ago? This lesson will demonstrate that the Bible is far and away the most reliable historical document in existence!

305 – Scientific Accuracy
of the Bible

Scientific Accuracy

Skeptics often criticize the Bible for being unscientific. This lesson will show that not only is the Bible consistent with reliable scientific data—in some cases it is even ahead of its time!

306 – Slavery, Sexism,
Weird Laws and Genocide


Does the Bible condone slavery and teach that women are inferior to men? Why did God have Israel wipe out entire people groups? This lesson clarifies some of the most unusual and challenging Old Testament passages that Bible skeptics love to bring up.

307 – Suffering, Evil, and Hell


Does the Bible provide satisfactory answers to the hard questions? For example, where did evil come from, why there is so much suffering, and how could a loving God send people to hell? This lesson shows that if you look, you can find the answers.

308 – Inerrancy vs. Contradictions


Can the Bible get its story straight, or is it full of contradictions? This lesson looks at alleged biblical discrepancies and examines the case for inerrancy— the idea that the Bible is 100% error-free.

309 – Prophetic Accuracy
of the Bible


One of the most incredible things about the Bible is its fulfilled prophecies—events that were accurately described long before they happened. This lesson focuses especially on the most important subject of prophecy: Jesus Christ, our Messiah!

310 – Evidence for the

Holy Books

Ultimately, the entire religion of Christianity rests on one claim: Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. This is the most important Bible fact, yet it is often called a myth! This lesson shows the reliability of the resurrection.

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