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We are dedicated to educating and empowering Christian students to be confident in their ability to evangelize and defend their faith. We leverage over 20 years of experience in apologetics to engage and educate students where and how they want to be taught.

A Christian nonprofit ministry started by Kevin Conover, we offer six academic online courses that cover everything a Christian needs to defend their faith, including science and the Bible, world religions, how we know the Bible is God’s word, and responding to societal and cultural issues.

We are fighting against the next generation being lost to skepticism and agnosticism, and ultimately leaving the church.

Nothing undermines sharing the Gospel like being unprepared. But conversely, nothing gives you more confidence than being ready.

To put it simply, we make learning apologetics simple, engaging, and memorable.

Check out our interactive courses

100 - NATURE

The 100 course shows how creation theory is supported far more by science than Darwin's evolutionary theory.


The 200 course explains the origins and beliefs of the major world religions and why they can't possibly be true.

300 - BIBLE

The 300 course explains how we know the Bible is true and the reasons we have to believe it is the actual inspired Word of God.


The 400 course shows why and how to apply what the Bible teaches to modern cultural issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these courses for?

These courses are specially designed for students ages 10 to 17. However, anyone and everyone can benefit from the amazing content in each course. Although the content can be dense at times, it’s all presented and taught in an engaging, lively way that anyone can understand. It’s our mission to make all of our courses as engaging, interactive, and educational as possible. These courses are perfect for home school students and Christian students looking for more information about apologetics alike.

Would my children benefit from these?

Absolutely! Our interactive courses teach students where and how they prefer—online In an age where the next generation is being lost to skepticism and agnosticism at an alarming rate, it’s paramount that students are actively building a strong foundation for their faith. 

Can these courses be used in a home school curriculum?

Definitely! In fact, this was one of the main use cases we had in mind when creating the courses. They were fully intended to be used in a home school curriculum. The way we’ve structured, filmed, and produced these courses are  perfect for a home school family. Save time and energy preparing the resources, content, and assignments you need for apologetics. Have peace of mind that your children are learning from a credible and trustworthy source. Access the content however and whenever you want. Trust that your children can build a strong faith through the curriculum.

How in-depth are these courses?

Our comprehensive content answers every question someone needs to defend their faith. Our expertise uses the research and input from some of the best and the brightest in the world. This is the most comprehensive course on apologetics and how to defend your faith online. We made sure to provide every detail, extensive research, and all the resources someone would need to feel 100% confident about what they’re learning.


See What They’re Saying…



“Kevin Conover has been a conference speaker at Future Quest for two years. We love having him all three days of our conference, as he never fails to fill a room. His speaking topics are vast and timely. He interacts with his audience and really knows how to hold the interest of our student attendees. His love for the Bible, and his knowledge of it engages young and old alike. He understands the times we are in, and has an upbeat, biblical worldview that leaves his listeners confident as they engage the culture. You will not be disappointed by having him speak at your event!”




“Wow! What a delight to have Kevin Conover at our church. There’s no one better in San Diego to speak on the topic of how science and the Christian faith interact with one another. He was encouraging, edifying, challenging, yet easy to understand for everyone. Our congregation loved him and already have asked me when he will be back! If you need someone to speak on a Sunday morning or even during the week, invite Kevin. He will prepare your congregation to defend their faith!”




“Kevin Conover is a dynamic speaker dedicated to the truth of God’s word and helping audiences of all ages understand how to apply Scripture in a practical way. His wide range of engaging apologetic topics are on point and highly beneficial for those who desire to strengthen their faith. Kevin has encouraged and equipped many believers at the Creation & Earth History Museum offering a solid biblical defense of the Bible! In addition I have known Kevin for many years and have been personally inspired by his leadership and passion for edifying the body of Christ.”



“This class was the class I would always look forward to going to, even when it was in the morning. I loved learning about all the religions and being able to defend my faith! Through this class you could see Mr. Conover as a great teacher. You can see he is very passionate about each subject we learn! This class really helped me in my faith and through all I learned I am going to pursue it while I try to lead someone to Christ!”




“Kevin Conover has proven himself to be a valuable resource through his dynamic presentations in defense of Biblical truths. He has a great ability to engage and enlighten his audience on topics ranging from the reliability of Scripture, evolution and world religions as well as a variety of hot topic social issues. If you are looking to equip and encourage your fellowship on the issues that many of them are seeking answers to, then I highly recommend that you invite Kevin to partner with you. I have no doubt that he will capture the attention of your congregation, but more importantly they will leave encouraged, informed, equipped and with a deeper appreciation of the truths in God’s Word.”




“Mr. Conover is a phenomenal teacher who not only proves logically why other religions and belief systems are false, but why Christianity is logically true. His class helped me immensely in growing in my faith and walk with God.”