Culture: The Bible Applied

Is America a Christian nation? It sure doesn’t act like one. In fact, there seems to be an outright hostility towards traditional Christian values! Is this the way it has to be? This class answers the question of whether we can (and should) apply biblical teachings to controversial issues faced by modern day society.


401 – As a Country
Thinks, So It Is


Why has America been able to survive under the same constitution for well over 200 years, longer than any other nation in history? What makes America so special? This lesson provides the answer.

402 – Was America a
Christian Nation?


Was America truly a Christian nation at any point? Were the founding fathers devout Christians, or agnostic enlightenment philosophers? To find the answers, this lesson will take you back to our nation’s founding.

403 – If It’s Broke, Fix It

There Here

If America was founded on Christian principles, then how have we strayed so far from them? Why is it illegal for a public school teacher to lead a class in prayer? This lesson will examine several key turning points in US history that set our nation on the path leading away from God.

404 – God and Gender


What is God’s plan for human sexuality? A growing number of Christian leaders and churches are faltering on the issue. Is the biblical perspective really in question, or are they just buckling under increasing social pressure? This lesson will teach you what the Bible actually says about homosexuality.

405 – Born That Way?

Born that way

A key aspect of the homosexuality debate revolves around this question. Is sexuality determined by nature at birth? Does it develop gradually due to experience and environment? This lesson provides the answer to this question, and explains how it should impact our treatment of the issue.

406 – Culture, Marriage, and Children


“How does other people getting married hurt you?” If only it were that simple. The consequences of altering society’s most basic component, the family unit, cannot be overestimated. This lesson examines the issue of homosexuality as it relates to marriage and children.

407 – Do You Know
What You’re Having?


In the first few months after conception, what is that thing inside the womb? A blob of tissue? An underdeveloped, “potential” person? Or is it already a human being? This lesson cuts through euphemisms and red herrings to simplify the argument and get people right to the heart of the issue.

408 – Avoiding Heartbreak
in Dating


Everyone goes through a bad breakup at some point… Or do they? A wise, God-centered approach to relationships and dating can make it possible to bypass the heartbreak entirely. This lesson will give you the keys to doing just that.

409 – To Find the Right Person,
Be the Right Person


Who you marry is the second most important decision you will ever make (after the decision to follow Jesus). But sadly, divorce is becoming ever more common. This lesson will show you what it takes to form a godly marriage bond that will stand the test of time.

410 – Rules Without Relationship
Lead to Rebellion


It’s one thing to know the truth, it’s another to do it. What is the key to living a life of victory over sin and the burdens of life that so easily weigh us down. How can I live life to the full like Jesus describes in John 10:10?

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