DNA holds many mysteries. It is the instruction book for all life on earth and is a complicated code that scientists are trying to unravel. But could it actually be used to prove whether the biblical story of Adam and Eve is historically accurate? Our guest Dr. Robert Carter believes this is so through the advancements in the analysis of mitochondrial DNA.

Dr. Carter obtained a BS in Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992. He then spent four years teaching high school biology, chemistry, physics, and electronics before going to the University of Miami to obtain his Ph.D. in Marine Biology. He successfully completed this program in 2003 with a dissertation on “Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins.” While in Miami, he studied the genetics of pigmentation in corals and other invertebrates, designed and built an aquaculture facility for Caribbean corals, performed well over 500 SCUBA dives, many of them at night, and licensed a spin-off product of his research (a patented fluorescent protein) to a biotech company.

Tune in for an information packed show and find out whether mitochondrial DNA can trace the human race back to a single woman.

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This episode first aired on March 18, 2017.

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