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Marijuana recently became legal in California and many other states are sure to follow. But just because it’s legal does that mean it’s right to use it? How addicting is it? What are its effects on the body and mind?

To answer these questions, Kevin has as his guest Dr. Julie Hayden. Dr. Julie Hayden is a licensed Psychologist, the Dean of the Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences at Southern California Seminary, and the Executive Director of Rhombus. She is also the co-chair of the San Diego MFT Consortium and involved with the San Diego Domestic Violence Council. Dr. Hayden has a BA in Biblical Studies, a Masters of Religious Studies, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate of Psychology.

Her clinical experience includes working with chronic mental illness, substance and sexual addictions, adolescents, families, PTSD, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and more. Her goal is to increase education and skills to help people live healthy lives and strengthen families. She believes truth comes from Scripture, the inerrant Word of God, and any effective tool will be in line with a biblical worldview.

Tune in for an informative episode on drugs, addiction, and psychology. To learn more about Dr. Julie Hayden and her work, visit

This episode first aired on April 7, 2018.

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