Today on Educate For Life, Kevin has as his guest Dick Hausam. Dick Hausam attends Skyline Church and regularly attends Kevin’s church class on the subject of Christian Apologetics.

Today Dick will share some easy ways to share your faith with the people around you. Dick knows first hand how difficult it can feel to do this. Every month Dick and a group of people go witnessing at Mission Beach. He admits that there are times that he just doesn’t want to go. But, once he’s out there, that fear quickly diminishes.

Dick and the group pass out waters, hotdogs, and tracts to anyone who wants one. According to Dick, the easiest way to share your faith is to simply start doing things for other people.

Tune in to hear more about how you can share your faith and overcome the fear that comes with it.

This episode first aired on August 17, 2018.


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