What happens when you put a Creationist and an Evolutionist in the same room? A great conversation! Today on Educate For Life, Kevin has as his guest Bill Ludlow.

Bill studied at Lansing Community College and Michigan State University and has been an avid amateur geologist, paleontologist, and fossil collector for many years.  His interest in the Creation/Evolution controversy began in college during discussions with classmates and grew after discovering internet forums and more recently facebook groups dedicated to the subject.  As retail manager and personnel trainer for a national RV accessories chain for 17 years he traveled much of the country for business and pleasure, has lived in Michigan, California, Oregon, and currently resides in Arizona.  He is the owner of Dirty Goat Productions, an entertainment company he founded in 2006.  Learn more at dirtygoat.com

Bill Ludlow also runs the website creationsciencefiction.com. Tune in for an interesting and informative episode where Kevin and Bill will debate the age of the earth and other evolutionary topics.

This episode first aired on Dec 29, 2018.


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