Battle of the Worldviews

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Did you know there are only two possibilities for explaining the origin of everything?

Here is just a partial list of the obvious contradictions between evolution and creation.
The Evolutionary story which postulates the Sun came before Earth, dinosaurs evolved from birds, the Earth was initially hot & molten, flowering plants evolved 4.220 million years after other plants, the Sun formed before plant life, the fish evolved before fruit trees and birds and Man evolved from lower animals.
And the Biblical account the Earth formed on day 1before Sun. Earth had a water surface on day 2, then land day 3 along with flowering plants with other plants. The Sun, moon and stars formed on day 4 after plant life. The birds and fish were created on day 5 before dinosaurs and after fruit trees. Day 6 Man was formed from dust and has the “breath of life”.
The Biblical order of events simply does not match up with the evolutionary timeline. Any combination of evolution with God’s Word minimizes the credibility of God’s Word. Compromising with truth is the same as destroying the truth. As Bible-believing Christians, we must take God at his word as He is the ultimate authority. God provided His Word the true historical account that has been tested, trusted and verified throughout the ages.
(Source: Inspired Evidence –Von Vett & Malone )


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