Biblical Geology

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Did you know the credibility of the biblical worldview hinges on one key event in history? 

That event is the global flood in the account of Genesis. If this event was simply a local flood, then the enormous rock layers of the Earth must have taken enormous periods of time to form. Therefore, the geologic record of death, disease, extinctions, and bloodshed is a record of God creating a world full of tragedy, before mankind ever appeared. 

However, if the flood really occurred on a global scale then a righteous God judging a sinful world by water would have rapidly formed the Earth’s worldwide geological formations and so called billions of years of Earth history would simply disappear. Additionally, God promised to never send another worldwide flood upon the Earth. Yet, there have been thousands of floods throughout Earth’s history. So, either God is a liar who cannot be trusted, or the flood of Noah was very different from any subsequent flood.

Noah’s flood was global in extent! Much of the geology we see today was formed during or shortly after the Flood. By denying this flood, the geology of our planet and the timeframe of the geology is misinterpreted. This fact is central to a correct understanding of human history, the trustworthiness of God’s Word, and the character of God.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)



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