Monday, December 09, 2013

Migration after the Flood
How did plants and animals spread around the world so quickly?
by Dominic Statham

This article is about biogeography—the study of where on the earth we find the different kinds of plants and animals. It is also about two competing views of Earth history:

  • the secular, evolutionary ancient Earth view
  • the biblical creationist young Earth view.
The Secular, Evolutionary, Ancient Earth view

According to this, the earth is billions of years old, and natural processes have been slowly changing the earth’s continents and slowly changing life on Earth over many millions of years. If we go back a couple of hundred million years, so we’re told, the earth looked like this. All the continents were together in one great continent they call Pangaea. And the world we see today, we’re told, formed as this single land mass split up, as the continents we know today slowly drifted apart.

As this was happening we’re told—as the continents were slowly drifting apart over millions of years—dinosaurs went extinct, reptiles evolved into birds and mammals, non-flowering plants evolved into flowering plants and, of course, apes evolved into people. So the evolutionists tell us, when we study biogeography we discover lots of evidence supporting this view. Indeed, there’s a mountain of evidence they say, from biogeography, showing that evolution is true; and a mountain of evidence confirming that the continents split apart millions of years ago, separating the various plants and animals that lived on the earth around that time.

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