Bizarre Birds

Jan 3, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Can you name a bird designed to defy evolution?

The hoatzin is a strange bird that lives in South America. This bird has blue skin, red eyes and a four inch Mohawk of spiky feathers on its head. Young hoatzins have claws on their wings, so they can climb trees like monkeys. They are expert underwater swimmers even before they can fly. But that is not the strangest thing about this bird.
Ninety-five percent of its diet consists of leaves and vegetation. Most birds survive on nuts and bugs. The hoatzin is the only bird known to digest its food like a cow. Like other ruminates, the hoatzin has a special chamber with bacteria to break down plant material. The question remains, how did the bird learn to do this? Is this bird’s closest descendant a cow, or did a cow decide to turn into this tropical bird one day? How do evolutionists explain this oddity? One evolutionary scientist who has studied the hoatzin for decades said, “Hoatzins don’t seem to follow the rules of evolution.” Hoatzins defy evolutionary explanation. When God designed the hoatzin, He designed a creature that defies any human explanation.
Maybe He wanted us to know the truth, evolution can’t explain the hoatzin, because evolution from one creature into a completely different type of creature (macroevolution) has never happened. The Lord Almighty is truly a creative, imaginative God!
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone, Creation Moments)


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