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Did you know there are some pretty well equipped animals in creation?

One of them is the camel with its long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, hump on its back, and big feet. The camel was not exactly the most attractive but it’s perfectly planned for its environment and God created that way to live in the desert.

Why do they have the big hump? Many believe it stores water but actually retains fat. The big hump is designed to let the camel go up to a week without drinking water during the summer and it can go even longer without eating. Amazingly, the camel can burn the fat in its hump for both energy and water. And their bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes keep out the desert sand and heat. Camels even close their nostrils to keep out sand, and their big feet are perfect for traveling long distances and shifting sands. Camels with one hump are Arabian camels primarily living in the Middle East and camels with two humps are Asian camels normally living in China or Mongolia. And, baby camels are born without any humps at all, they develop their hump in 6-10 months. Our faithful Creator has made Camels to perfectly live and thrive in the harsh desert conditions.



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