Characteristics of Clouds

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Have you considered the purpose of the clouds?

Clouds both heat and cool the Earth. When clouds cover the sky, they help keep the Earth warm, like a blanket, by reducing the amount of surface heat radiating into space. There have been estimates that clouds warm the Earth by an average of 9oF. Clouds can also keep the planet cool by not allowing the sunlight through but reflecting the sunlight back into space. Without the sunlight getting through, it is estimated that surface temperatures are reduced by as much as 22oF on average across the planet.
Clouds act like a thermostat preventing runaway temperatures. In spite of dire warnings of global warming, what we actually observe is a balanced temperature upon our planet due to the action of clouds. As the Earth warms, it produces more clouds through evaporation that then prevent the sunlight from warming the Earth further. As the Earth cools, fewer clouds are produced, allowing more sunlight to reach the surface and heat the planet. Clouds both heat and cool the Earth!
God has built into creation many such complex processes, which we are only beginning to understand.
(Source: Inspired Evidence Donald De Young Weather and the Bible pp.133-134, 1992)


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