Online School of Apologetics

100 Nature: Created or Evolved?

Were we lovingly created by an all-powerful God, or randomly generated by uncaring natural processes? The answer makes all the difference in the world! This course examines the evidence that God created life and the universe, and challenges Darwinian Evolution and the Big Bang.

200 Religion: Who’s Right?

Why are there so many religions in the world, and how are they different? Why should you be a Christian instead of a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or Mormon? This course will teach you about the world’s most common faith traditions, while defending Jesus’s claim to be the only way.

300 Bible: Myth or Fact?

As Christians we understand that the Bible is God’s word, and the foundation for our faith. But just how firm is that foundation? This class examines the Bible from all sides to answer important questions: where did the Bible come from? Has it been changed? Does it have any errors? Does it still hold up today?

400 Culture: The Bible Applied

Is America a Christian nation? It sure doesn’t act like one—in fact, there seems to be an outright hostility towards traditional Christian values! This class answers the question of how to apply biblical teachings to tough issues faced by modern society, such as dating, abortion and same-sex marriage.

01 Kids – Nature: Created or Evolved?

Did an all-powerful God design life with a purpose as the historical and Biblical accounts record or did life randomly generate through natural and gradual process? Join Charlie the platypus in this new elementary course as he discovers dinosurs, the worldwide flood and examines proof that God created life and the universe while refuting Darwinian evolution.

02 Kids – Religion: Who’s Right?

Is Jesus the only way? Why are there so many different religions?  Why should you pick Christianity over Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or Mormonism? In this course you will learn the world’s most common faith traditions, while defending Jesus’s claim to be the only way.


Bonus Material: Extra Resources

Discover more on developing confident Christians with these additional classes on parenting, addiction, and contentment.