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Class 101: The Fossil Record vs. Evolution Preview

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If all life on earth evolved from a common ancestor through an excruciatingly slow process, why are there no “transitional fossils” to show for it? Why did the best examples of missing links turn out to be non-links or outright frauds? This lesson exposes evolution’s dire fossil problem.


  1. Bryna.gallegos

    Just finished the first episode and I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin to watch this with my husband and introduce my children (6, 5 and 1) to this information as they are capable of understanding it. Thank you so much!! May God bless and prosper your ministry!!

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Section 1:Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter?

Section 2: Are There Transitional Species?

Section 3: Human Evolution: A History of Mistakes

Section 4:Is Evolution Science or Faith?


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