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The scientific establishment says the earth has been around for 4.6 billion years. Does the evidence say the same thing? This lesson will show you a variety of factors that limit the maximum possible age of the earth, pointing towards a literal view of creation.

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  1. kathy

    Thank you so much for making your work available to me. Especially for such a totally reasonable price. Unlike California, there are few Biblical churches to attend here so I have been holding, ” God group” in my apartment in South Boston, once a week for over a decade. I was raised, kinda Catholic and even denied God at a very low point in my life. Our God is very merciful, He first called my Mom out of her self made hell, she pursued me, full of the Holy Spirit with her persistent “need” to pray over me until I finally understood that surrendering to God meant I could stop fighting and rest in Him. I do have the, “gift of gab”, I really just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated and very helpful. I will be coming to San Deigo 3/5-3/26. Hope to see at service. May God continue to bless & guide you & yours, in Jesus name, amen !

    • Kevin Conover

      Hi Kathy, I am so glad you are enjoying the classes! And praise God for what he has done in your life and your persistence in joining with others even though there aren’t many Biblical churches in your area. That is wonderful! Please stay in touch, I am looking forward to hopefully meeting you in March at church here in San Diego. God bless you, praying that God continues to bless you and use you in the lives of those around you!

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