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300 Bible: Myth or Fact?

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Note: This course is still in development. Updates will be posted as they become available.

As Christians, we understand the Bible to be the very word of God, and the ultimate foundation for our faith. But just how firm is that foundation? This class approaches the Bible from all sides to provide in-depth answers to fundamental questions: where did it come from? Has it been changed? Does it have errors? Does it still hold up today?

Class 301: Sola Scriptura

Class 302: Canon and Authorship of the Bible

Class 303: Historical Accuracy of the Bible

Class 304: Bible Translation: Has It Been Changed?

Class 305: Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

Class 306: Slavery, Sexism, Weird Laws and Genocide (coming soon)

Class 307: Suffering, Evil and Hell (coming soon)

Class 308: Inerrancy vs. Contradictions (coming soon)

Class 309: Prophetic Accuracy of the Bible (coming soon)

Class 310: Evidence for the Resurrection