Creation Cosmology

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Did you know the exact structure of creation is one the greatest mysteries of science?

Just think, what keeps electrons moving? What is light? What is space? What is a charged particle? Why is there so much energy contained within empty space at absolute zero or zero point energy? Why are galaxies commonly found in a spiral shape? Why are red shifts in distinct bands quantized rather than a continuous smear of shifted values? Does even the speed of light, the mass of atomic particles, and Plank’s constant change value with time?

These profound mysteries are frequently denied or ignored because of the implication upon traditionally accepted physics. The primary reason modern physics is helpless to adequately explain these types of inquiries is because it starts from the wrong assumption. Modern physics accepts an enormous age for the universe and attempts to explain everything based on this starting assumption. Thus, it needs a very weak force, gravity and lots of time to explain all of reality. This explanation cannot even explain the formation of a single star and relies on unseen faith in things like “dark matter” and “multiple universes” in an attempt to explain the impossible.

A brilliant physicist from Australia, Barry Setterfield, has developed an intriguing “plasma model” of physics that seems to unify the anomalies that are not adequately explained by the Big Bang model. Whether correct or not, it is interesting that Setterfield’s theory starts by accepting the scriptural teaching that God stretched out the heavens and realized that this must have been accompanied by enormously accelerated radioactive decay, red shifting of light in quantized bands, and energy added to the fabric of space. According to Setterfield, this process “wound up” the universe, thereby providing the energy necessary for star and galaxy formation, all within a very brief period of time.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Setterfield) 



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