Creatively Sharing the Gospel

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Consider all of the creative ways to share the gospel!

Back in 1909, a Canadian named Jack Miner set out to discover where birds migrate. He was the first person to begin banding ducks and geese in order to track their movements. Some years earlier, he had created a bird sanctuary on the north shores of Lake Erie where birds were numerous and could be easily captured. He decided to put his name and address onto ankle bands with the hope that distant hunters and other naturalists would write and tell him where the birds were shot. Sure enough, he soon started receiving letters revealing that the birds were migrating far to the south in the winter and far to the north in the summer.
In 1914, he began stamping Bible verses on the bands, making the birds “winged missionaries.” Miner said, “From the very first time I stamped such a verse on a band, I felt the help of God and knew I now had my tagging system complete.” Over the years, hunters wrote to Miner saying that the Bible verses had changed their lives. Eventually, a missionary from the remote region of Northern Canada came to visit Miner. The missionary stated that a revival had taken place among the Eskimos because of the Bible verses placed on the bird bands!
The next time you see a flock of geese heading south consider Jack Miner, a man who used his love of birds to glorify God. With God’s help, how can you use your passions to lead others to Jesus Christ?
(Source: Inspired Evidence -Von Vett & Malone)


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