God’s Filtration System for Earth

Dec 12, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Have you ever contemplated the rivers, the sea and our amazing water cycle?

Surprisingly, the Gulf Stream carries 5,000 times as much water as the Mississippi River, and there are many other “rivers in the sea”, along with underwater currents. Without this constant water circulation the oceans would get stagnant and loom with death, disease and decomposing waste. As water temperatures rise, the toxicity would increase and ultimately begin poisoning the atmosphere, along with all living organisms on land.

It is vital that the oceans have these circulating rivers and currents, to diffuse and balance out water temperatures as well as dilute toxic chemicals. Life on Earth is dependent upon the purification process of the rivers and the seas. God orchestrates the aquatic filtration system for our existence, that we may thank Him as we learn about His purpose for all things.

(Source: Lawrence Richards – It Couldn’t Just Happen 2011 pp.24-18)


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