God’s Alligator Design

Dec 19, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The American Alligator is a highly complex animal that is designed for survival in swampy waters.

The alligator is perfectly camouflaged, appearing to be a floating log in a swamp—that is, until it lunges with agility and speed to catch his prey. His eyes, nose and ear slits are on the top of his head, allowing most of his body to remain submerged. When he plunges into the water, his nose and ear slits are designed to close, keeping the water out.

To find his prey underwater, he has built-in goggles: clear membranes to cover his eyes. When the Alligator attacks his prey and drags them under water to eat, there is a special valve at the back of his throat that allows him to open his mouth and eat his food underwater without water flooding into his throat choking him.

These are all amazing design features that God gave to the Alligator so that he can survive in the swamp.

(Source: Dan Breeding– American Alligator Sovereign of the Swamp, Answers Magazine June 2010 pp.22-25)


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