Owls: Designed for the Dark

Dec 7, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know the owl has the best night vision out of all animals?

The owl is designed to flourish in a nocturnal environment. All attributes of the bird seem to be purposely developed for locating and hunting down prey. An owl has amazing night vision with capabilities to see without moonlight. Owls’ eyes are made of tubes rather than eyeballs, giving binocular eyesight, and their necks can rotate 270 degrees. Their super sensitive hearing offers the ability to notice a mouse located two feet beneath the snow!

God created owls with fringed flight feathers that allow for silent flight, and the ability to move stealthily upon their next meal. As owls dive into action, their piercing talons are perfect for capturing the hunt. Their powerful hooked beaks can break the neck of a rat and will swallow most meals whole.

All of these attributes are necessary for the owl to function as a night predator, and their magnificent design proclaims a Creator.

(Source: Von Vett & Malone – Inspired Evidence Sept. 23)


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