Diamond Design

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What can we learn from the brilliance of a diamond?  

Well, nothing sparkles like a diamond. Diamonds aren’t only pretty to look at, they are also the hardest natural substance known to man. The word diamond comes from the Greek word that means unbreakable. Only another diamond can make a diamond scratch on the diamond. They’re so tough that they’re used for tools in cutting, grinding and drilling.

Diamonds are very rare and expensive because they form only under very special conditions. These brilliant minerals are made from pure carbon, like the graphite your wood pencil lead is made of.  These precious stones form over time under extreme pressure and intensely hot temperature. This process occurs about 100 miles below the earth’s surface. Diamond factories are in full production when a volcano erupts. These beautiful unbreakable gems begin in a dark place under a lot of pressure, stress and heat. Similarly, mankind can be exposed to darkness, pressure and the stress of the world. But, God can use these experiences in our lives to form something beautiful and unbreakable. If you feel pressed on every side by trouble, don’t give up. God won’t let you be crushed or defeated. He’ll use challenging times to make you stronger and teach you to depend on Him. Trust Him, especially when it’s hard and you’ll find He will make something beautiful and unbreakable of your faith in Him. 


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