Grand Canyon Strata Formation

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How did the rock layers form in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is known for the rugged beauty displayed in its landscape. The dominant view today is that slowly and gradually sediment was laid down over millions of years. If this were true, we would expect to find weathering and erosion in between the layers. What is observed is near-flatness with knife-edge boundaries between the layers and very little evidence of gullies or other erosional features. Also, there is a lack of soil with each layer. If each layer represents thousands of years, where’s the soil?
Consider what tree roots, gophers, worms and other animals do to alter the surface layers in short order. They significantly mix the soil in as little as 18 months. This is called bioturbation. All their biological activity mixes up the soil resulting in lack of layers. None of this mixing is seen as distinct sedimentary layers are observed.
A cataclysmic global flood as described in Genesis 7-8 is a far superior explanation for the layers we observe. The Flood waters would have swept over the continents, catastrophically eroding sediments, transporting them and then rapidly depositing them in distinct flat layers upon the newly scoured surfaces. This would have continued for over a year. Caught in this sediment would have been billions of plants and animals rapidly buried with the sediment. The evidence of layers being nearly flat and having knife edge boundaries declares that the Genesis Flood did happen, just as the Biblical account explains.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Andrew Snelling, No Slow and Gradual Erosion, Creation Magazine Jan. 2009, pp. 96-99)



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