The Handiwork of the Heart

Jan 19, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Have you ever considered the marvelous design of the heart?

A sac called the pericardium is a tough, thin, fibrous membrane which surrounds and protects your heart. Imagine it this way: your heart is in a plastic sandwich bag with another sandwich bag surrounding it, and between the two bags is an oily lubricating fluid. Your heart is essentially encased in this tough sac with the lubricant fluid between the heart and the sac. The pericardium must also beat in rhythm with the heart. Heart palpitations occur when this is out of sync. Often the pericardium is beating at twice the rate of the heart. One cause of such palpitations are electrical problems created by a shortage of magnesium. But why is there this oily fluid surrounding the heart?
When the heart beats, it can now slide around in the fluid without creating friction. Friction, like the rubbing together of your hands, produces heat. A heart without this marvelous sac (pericardium) would soon produce enough heat to kill us. How do evolutionists explain this? During the process of evolution, how many hearts would have died from overheating because the sac had not yet evolved? What about the fluid in-between? When would that have evolved? A heart without a fluid-filled sac is an overheated heart. Both had to have appeared at the same time.
These types of details are dismissed by the evolutionary worldview. God designed the lubricated sac (pericardium) to be fully functioning from the beginning in order for the heart to survive.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Heather M. Brinson, Heart Constantly Beating Death, Answers Magazine Sept. 2009)



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