He created them male and female

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If evolution were true, which gender came first?

Almost all forms of complex life have both male and female. Each needs the other in order to make offspring. The male needs the female, and the female needs the male. What if the female evolved many years before the male? No babies would result. What if they both evolved at the same time, but in different parts of the world? Again, no babies. How could both the male and female reproductive systems evolve at the same time, each system being complex, complimentary, and different?
If you observe our modern culture, you will notice an attempt to try and blur the differences between men and women, as if we can choose which we want to become. Yet it never works, males were created to be males and females to be females with vast physical, psychological, biological, emotional, and chemical differences.
Only the Bible gives a satisfactory explanation for the sexes. Jesus speaks in Matthew 19:4, “at the beginning the Creator made them male and female.” From the beginning of creation, God made males and females in order to propagate both the human race and animal kinds.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)


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