He Knows Your Hair

Oct 14, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments


Do you know that God knows about every hair on your head? 

Hair is all over your body, it’s on your head on your skin. It makes up your eyebrows and your eyelashes and it even grows in your ears and your nose. In fact, the only place hair doesn’t grow is on the bottom of your feet, the palm of your hands and on your lips.
Hair isn’t just for looks either, It’s designed for a purpose. The hair on your head helps you keep you warm. Your eyelashes keep dust and dirt out of your eyes. And your eyebrows help keep the sweat and rain away. Nose and ear hair help keep germs, pollen and other unwanted debris out of your body.
Hair grows out of a special organ in your skin called the follicle. The average person has 100,000 follicles on his head and more than 5 million in their entire body those hair follicles are there your entire life. That’s a lot of hair and God knows each and every hair and follicle, you might not be able to count them all but He can. God is so interested in you and cares for you down to the details of your hair.



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