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Do you know what a hippocampus is?

That’s the scientific name for seahorse! This tiny and unique fish lives in the ocean and is called a seahorse because its head looks like a tiny horse. This unusual creature often pairs up and swims with another seahorse, and they link their tails to stay together. It also swims standing up, and it tries to camouflage itself in plants to avoid predators. Due to its body shape, the seahorse isn’t a very good swimmer, so rather than going hunting for food the seahorse uses its tail like an anchor to hold their place in the seagrass or coral. They wait for food like plankton or tiny crustaceans to drift by so they can suck it up in their long snouts.
Surprisingly, seahorses are one of the few animals which the male tends and cares for the young for the female. A female seahorse will lay hundreds of her eggs, in the males pouch located on the male seahorse’s tummy. This pouch is very much like a kangaroo pouch. The egg stays in the pouch until they hatch about 45 days later.
The sea horse isn’t going to try and win any swim races, but God gave it everything it needs. A way to get food, someone to swim with through life and something to hold on to. God promises the same to you and the Bible says that God and His wonderful riches in Christ Jesus give you everything you need. – Philippians 4:19.


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