Human sexuality and Homosexuality with Dr. Christopher Yuan

Raise Up Confident Christians

with Kevin and Educate for Life

The journey from openly homosexual agnostic drug dealer to Bible-affirming Christian scholar and professor is a long and difficult one, as Dr. Christopher Yuan can attest.  Dr. Yuan’s parents were Chinese expatriates who escaped the cultural revolution by fleeing to Taiwan, and later came to America for higher education.  They lived out the American Dream, achieving financial success and providing a bright future for their children despite having arrived in the US with nothing.  But this dream turned into a nightmare for Christopher, who grew up with no religious influence in his life, was ostracized from other boys for being different, and began to feel same-sex attractions after being exposed to pornography at a young age. Discover how to defend your faith and the Bible with confidence and sign up for the Educate for Life apologetics curriculum.


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