Earth: A Special Planet

Jun 11, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Is there any place on Earth which is not overflowing with life?

The frozen polar caps have life as majestic as the lumbering polar bear, comical as the waddling penguin and persevering as the Arctic Tern. Arid deserts come alive at night with lizards, snakes, scorpions, and a dizzying array of creatures with features designed to conserve moisture. Deep ocean vents spouting toxic, boiling, mineral-laden fluids are surrounded by microorganisms designed to thrive in this harsh environment.

Contrast this with what we know about every other place in the universe: the moon is a barren, airless, crater-scarred wasteland and totally devoid of life. Mercury is a furnace hot enough to melt lead, totally devoid of organisms. Venus, Earth’s “sister planet”, is a caldron of toxic gases, devoid of life. Mars is a desert planet, with no indication of life. All outer planets are frozen gas giants completely devoid of the beauty, sound, movement, and purpose provided by plants and animals. Planets detected around distant stars are too large, too close, or too far from their stars to support life.

All known stars have characteristics incompatible with life, so why do we hear so much about finding life on other planets or galaxies? If life developed by chance, unguided processes here on Earth, then life must have also developed without God elsewhere in the universe. Yet only faith in the impossible allows belief that life exists elsewhere in the universe. 

Earth is an unparalleled paradise – perfectly designed for the existence of life. Our planet is specifically for our benefit, by God! 

(Source: Inspired Evidence Jonathan Sarfati, The Greatest Hoax on Earth Refuting Dawkins on Evolution Creation Publishers 2010 pp.233-248)


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