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How did humans acquire language? 

Evolutionists believe it developed from primitive people grunting and hooting. 

The astonishing rise of a new language by deaf children gives us insights into language development. In 1980, in Nicaragua, 500 deaf children came together for the first time in a new school. Up until that time, these children had lived scattered in all parts of the country, communicating with hearing relatives via gestures. There was no established form of sign language; each child had his own set of gestures with little in common. But when they came together in the school, they quickly developed their own unique language, a completely new form of sign language.

At first this language was very rudimentary, but before long it became a fully developed language with rules of grammar and syntax. Rutgers’ behavioral neuroscientist, Judy Kegl, described it as “the first documented case of the birth of a language.” Little kids, three or four years old, generated a full-fledged language without outside help! Their language was entirely of their own making. There is nothing that they could have used as a model. It was clear evidence that we are preprogrammed for language!

Adam and Eve were the first humans, and they had language to communicate with each other and God. Even though humans use vastly different languages, they seem to have an innate ability to produce complex communication systems. God programmed our brains to communicate using complex languages. No animal comes close to possessing this ability. Humans are not mere animals!

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)



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