Life from Non-Life?

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How do you get life from non-life?

Those determined to explain all of biological life without God use natural selection. According to evolutionists, it is natural selection which has transformed bacteria into fish, fish into frogs, lizards into mammals, and ape-like creatures into people.
Let’s look at a manufacturing analogy. Suppose I wanted to make a series of wagons, but each subsequent wagon had to use the manufacturing details used to produce the previous model. In other words, before producing the second wagon, the factory must be rebuilt using the information from the first wagon. Mutations are exactly like randomly rearranging a few letters from the factory manual for each new wagon generation. Before producing the third generation of wagons, hundreds more letters in the manual are randomly rearranged. Will this process ever allow the wagon factory to start turning out rocket ships? Obviously not! What we would see is a downward degradation of the wagon.
Now, let’s switch to your body. It requires genetic information – sort of like a manual for making your hands and feet. The same is true for any creature or plant. Evolutionists will say new creatures were formed through natural selection, but nature cannot simply produce new features. Nature works with what is already present.
If you believe fish turned into frogs, the information had to come from somewhere. Random changes to the fish code (DNA) will not turn the fish into a frog any more than random changes in a wagon factory’s operating manual will allow it to start turning out rockets. So where did all the variety of living things come from? Not natural selection, but from the God of the universe.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – John C. Sanford, Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome 2008) 


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