Life is Short

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What can we learn from the many insects that live short lifespans?

The fruit fly has a lifespan of a mere two months. In that brief span of time, it must hatch, grow from larvae to adult, mate, and produce the next generation. The mayfly lives longer during development, but only lives two days as an adult before dying. This adult insect does not even have functioning mouth parts and is incapable of eating. Why would God create a creature with such a short life span that does not even have the ability to eat food? What advantage could such a short life have? Perhaps God created this creature as a reminder that what matters is not the length of our life, but how it is lived.

It is possible to spend a lifetime chasing goals only to find them meaningless.

Our activities will never bring fulfillment because even as a goal is reached, our satisfaction level is not quenched. As life rapidly passes, we begin the mental gymnastics of focusing on past accomplishments, even though they did not bring lasting fulfillment when first achieved. Life is too often so filled with “seeking” that we forget to enjoy what we have been given.


Life is the process, not the accomplishment.

Like the mayfly, the length of our life is a flash in perspective of eternity. So what is God teaching you through your current problems, trials, or issues? What bit of beauty, marvel of creation, or awe of majesty are you missing in a sunset, smile, or snail because you are too busy striving for what you do not yet have?
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vette & Malone)


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