Master Migrator

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Why do animals migrate?

In the spring and fall, you’ve most likely noticed large flocks of birds flying overhead. What are they upto every year? Certain animals move from one place to another, in huge groups and It’s called migration. Migration is necessary for animals to find food, get to a warmer weather or locate a safe place to reproduce.
The arctic tern is on record for the furthest migration. This small bird is built for speed and travels more than 40,000 miles every year. Its nesting grounds are in the Arctic, then it navigates towards its winterhome in Antarctica, so it flies from one end of the earth to the other. The arctic terns’ lifespan can extend over a 30 year period, so this master of migration can travel enough miles in its lifetime to go to the moon and back again almost three times! God is faithful in even guidings the birds, so trust in Him to navigate your life.


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