Microscopic Power Plants

Nov 12, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

How complex are microscopic organisms?

Scientists have discovered a bacterium called the Rhodoferax ferrireducens that is capable of producing an electric current as it transforms natural sugars into other complex biological products. It does this by transferring electrons to iron and other minerals in the surrounding water. Found in marine sediments, these bacteria are being explored for use in electric producing fuel cells. This little microorganism does what no human engineer has been able to do. It produces electricity while feeding on sugars such as glucose or fructose with an astounding 80% efficiency. These unbelievable bacterium are twice as efficient at making electricity compared to coal burning power plants.

Evolution says this happened by accident and chance.

Does making electricity for our homes happen by accident? No, it involves hundreds of processes and same with bacterium, they perform hundreds of chemical processes that scientists do not fully comprehend even today.
Within our electrical generating plants, every part has to be present for them to work and many lines in place to bring the current to each home. If any part breaks or is missing, the plant shuts down, and there is no electricity. When we make electricity it does not happen by accident or chance. In the same way, this bacterium’s ability to make electricity did not happen by accident but was designed by its all powerful Creator. God’s creativity simply knows no bounds!
(Source: Inspired Evidence –Donald De Young, Discovery Design, Searching Out the Creators Secrets, Masterbooks 2009, pp.14 )



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