Monarch Metamorphosis

Jun 30, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Have you considered the amazing process of metamorphosis?

Far more incredible than its migration, is the monarch’s metamorphosis. Everything about this creature is unexplained by evolution. How does a caterpillar make a chrysalis and dissolve itself into jelly and come out a butterfly?

How could a creature with 6 simple eyes, which see in black and white create two new eyes, each made up of 6,000 individual lenses with the ability to see in color? How could a creature with a chewing mouth that eats only leaves, develop a long tongue that sucks only nectar? How could a creature with 16 legs become jelly and produce completely differently shaped legs (6) and wings (4)? How could this have happened by chance, when any flaw along the way would have produced death?

God, the master engineer, designed this incredible system; whereby, the caterpillar seals itself into a chrysalis, dissolves itself into jelly, and emerges as a butterfly. As you see the monarch’s migration, be amazed by its 3,000 mile flight but be equally amazed at how it transformed itself into a butterfly!

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Jules H Poiner, From Darkness to Light to Flight 1995)


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