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Did you know that the 1980 Mt. St Helens eruption revealed many clues about the catastrophic event of Noah’s flood?

The volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 devastated 230 square miles of area and killed most of the animals and vegetation. Much of the land was sterilized by hot pyroclastic flows. It was believed that this area would take decades, if not centuries, to recover. But within a year plants began to grow, and animals returned. One such animal was the elk. After the eruption, elk were seen eating the new plant growth. These elk started having twins; their birthrate was the highest ever recorded. God designed it that way. The devastated area needed repopulation.
In the same way, after the Flood of Noah’s day, the entire world had been destroyed, only those land creatures on the Ark survived. The entire Earth would have been very similar to the area around Mt. St. Helens. In Genesis 8:17, we read of God telling Noah and the animals to leave the Ark. It was God’s will that these animals would spread out around the world and refill the Earth. Noah waited 7 months after landing before releasing the animals, this is just one of the indications that the flood of Noah was not a local event, the plants needed that long to grow so that the animals could survive.
What we observe from natural disasters such as Mt. St. Helens is how rapidly such a recovery process occurs. Today, Mt. St. Helens is not a monument to disaster, but it is a monument to God’s design of Earth’s rapid recovery.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Paul A. Bartz, One Generation After The Flood 2010 pp.133 )



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