Red Blood Cells

Nov 18, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know red blood cells are disk-shaped with a concave center on both sides?

A scientific study was conducted to determine the most efficient shape of a red blood cell in carrying oxygen. They came up with a calculation utilizing the law of gas diffusion and input the equation into a computer.

Surprisingly, the shape that resulted was a bi-concave disk, the precise contour of a red blood cell! The cells’ smooth, curved edges, along with the thicker rim, allow the red blood cells to glide through the thin capillaries. Our red blood cells have the perfect shape needed for efficiently traveling through our blood vessels with high capacity and speed.

God created even the smallest parts of our body to work in a harmonious system.

(Source: Felice Gerwitz & Jill Whitlock – Creation Anatomy 1996 pp.15-16).



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