One Family Different Shades of Brown

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Did you know we are all different shades of brown, due to a pigment called melanin?

If you have lots of melanin, you’ll have darker brown skin and if you have a little melanin you’ll have lighter skin. So, we’re all shades of brown, not black and white.
Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a designated United States holiday that reflects and celebrates the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, a leader who fought against racial segregation and inequality. His efforts to end racism are definitely worth honoring and preserving. So how should Christians be involved to help continue the fight against racism? God provides the answer.
Since we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve, we ultimately share the same problem. Our rebellion stems from our sin nature which separates us from God. The good news is that Jesus Christ stepped into history and died on the cross to take the punishment of our sin. He rose from the grave, conquered sin and death, and offers the free gift of salvation to every people, tribe and nation who put their faith and trust in Him. God created one blood and one race; the human race.


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