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Imagine if you had a transgender family member or friend. Would that change your perception of that person? Would it change how you interacted with that person? Or would you just accept that person for who they are and move on? These are difficult questions to answer.

Our guest Kori Peterson has had to explore these questions to find answers on how to love her father who has become transgender. Kori has also had to deal with the pain and suffering that comes from abortion. Through her faith in Jesus Christ, she has learned that she needs to show love to her father, but that love doesn’t mean endorsing his lifestyle.

Currently, Kori Peterson is with Concerned Women For America. Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a rich history of over 35 years of helping their members across the country apply Biblical principles in all levels of public policy.

Whether you have a transgender family member or not, we hope that this episode will be insightful and encouraging.

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This episode first aired on September 2, 2017.


Join our team, get educated, make a difference.

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