“Religion is for the weak minded.” That is the mindset among many who are non-religious or atheist. Kevin’s guest, Mary Jo Sharp, thought exactly that. But then she discovered otherwise. How does that happen?

Mary Jo is a former atheist from the Pacific Northwest, who thought religion was odd at best. But then she went looking for answers to her questions and she found the answers in the Bible.

She now holds a Masters in Christian Apologetics and is an assistant professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University. Several years ago, a friend asked her, ”Why would a woman want to go to a session on apologetics?” Her question hit me like a load of bricks. She was so excited about finding answers to her doubts that she had never considered there was a lack of women in this field (or, as the question implies, a lack of interest from women). She came to discover, however, it is not so much a lack of interest as it is a lack of acquaintance.

She finds that apologetics serves us in three ways: it answers doubts, builds confidence and changes our lives. Apologetics is a field that handles the difficult questions people have regarding belief in God. Some of those questions include: 1) How can anyone say God is good, when there is so much evil in the world? 2) How do I know that Jesus rose from the dead? 3) Why should I trust the Bible? and 3) How do I know God exists? Unanswered questions may eventually lead to doubt. Those doubts, after festering for many years, can lead a person to live a defeated life; one that lacks the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Further, a person cannot reasonably trust God if they do not know whether or not He exists: in bigger things such as salvation, or even in smaller things found in daily living. Yet, when a person begins to answer their doubts those answers can build their confidence in what they believe. As a person gains confidence in their faith, that confidence can begin to change their lives.

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This episode first aired on Apr 14, 2019

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