Today on Educate For Life, Kevin talks with Kanten Russell. A long-time fixture in the professional skateboarding world, Kanten is a Design Project Manager for New Line Skateparks Inc. Growing up in Southern California—the birthplace of skateboarding—Kanten quickly became a leading figure in the region’s skateboarding scene and was a professional skateboarder for 12 years, traveling all over the world. He transitioned into Skate Park design professionally for the last 13 years and has his own line of Skateboards, Clothing, and Accessories for The Motif Brand.

Kanten has also been to prison. As a guest, that is. He visited Donovan State prison. As a Christian, he was able to share his life experience and how he used his faith and passion for skateboarding to keep his life on the right track and avoid the pitfalls of life.

He works with churches and other organizations designing and building skate parks for kids so that they can do something they love and stay out of trouble. He says being a Christian is like being a skateboarder. No matter how many times you fall down, the important thing is that you get back up no matter how painful it is. The key is to live life God’s way.

Tune in for an inspirational episode. To find out more about Kanten Russell and what he does, check out

This episode first aired on Aug 31, 2019

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