How does a lifelong Muslim named Muhammad, who comes from a Muslim family and lives in a Muslim country, wind up in prison for preaching Christianity?  In this episode Kevin’s guest, Pastor Daniel Massieh (author of the autobiographical work Traitor), provides the answer.

Before changing his name, Daniel grew up as Muhammad in the predominately Muslim country of Egypt.  He had a single Christian friend, but in 12 years this friend never once shared the gospel with him or invited him to church.  Daniel consequently had no idea what Christians believed, and assumed that the primary faith of the USA was accurately represented in Hollywood movies.  Curious to witness the zoo that he imagined a Christian worship service to be, Daniel invited himself to his friend’s church.  When he didn’t see any guns, hard drinks or bikini-clad women, he decided to investigate further and find out what the Christians were really up to behind closed doors.  As part of his infiltration effort, Daniel decided to memorize the Lord’s prayer in case another Christian asked him to pray.  But soon after he looked over the first few lines, everything started to change…

Daniel shares much more of his incredible testimony, and how an unexpected encounter with the Living God showed him what was lacking in the false God of Islam.  For decades, Daniel has carried out his mission of sharing this truth with other Muslims.  He continues to do so today through his ministry, Open The Gates.  Daniel’s life should encourage all Christians to share the gospel with Muslims—especially those of us who can do so without being thrown in prison!

For more info visit Daniel’s website at, or read his full testimony in his book Traitor.  You can email him at to learn more about how to witness to Muslims.

This episode first aired on January 17th, 2016.

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