Many Christians go through life with many questions about their faith and may feel surrounded on all sides by opposition. They are faced with tough questions such as, how can a good God allow evil? Does the Bible contain errors? How can we know it’s the word of God? Because of questions like these, some lose their faith. Others keep their faith but no longer believe in important aspects of Christianity.

But there is a place where everyone can have all these questions answered. Dr. Joseph Holden from Veritas Evangelical Seminary is here to emphasize the importance of learning to defend your faith through the study of apologetics. The mission of Veritas Evangelical Seminary is simple. Their vision is to prepare a generation of spiritually mature, biblically equipped, academically advanced, and socially developed individuals for a life of opportunity and service to the glory of God.

Dr. Joseph Holden teaches at Veritas Evangelical Seminary and holds a Masters of Divinity in Apologetics and a Ph.D. in Philosophical/Systematic Theology. He also has multiple publications on various apologetic topics. He shares his wealth of knowledge with Kevin on todays show and we hope you toon in to learn more about apologetics and find answers to the tough questions. If you are interested in learning more about Veritas Evangelical Seminary, you can visit

This episode first aired on September 24th, 2016.

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