Global warming is a hot topic in today’s political and scientific sphere. Some say if we don’t stabilize our climate now, we will soon see cataclysmic weather events and even cause another ice age. Others say our climate is self-regulating and will withstand any effects man may have on it.

Both sides claim to have rock solid scientific evidence to back up their theories and today on Educate For Life, Kevin will examine the evidence. He is joined by guest Dr. Jake Hebert. Dr. Jake Hebert is a physicist who has studied factors that affect the environment. He has also written a book that examines how the ice age occurred in light of a Biblical Flood.

He believes that a person’s view on this issue depends on your worldview, more specifically whether you accept an old earth view or a young earth view. According to his research, the ice age was a one-time event caused by things far beyond man’s control. He has also done important research on the Milankovitch Theory, which has fueled the current debate over climate change. He has found serious flaws in the theory that could turn the debate on its head.

Want to hear about these serious flaws and learn how climate change is explained by the Bible? Tune in to Educate For Life. If you want to read Dr. Hebert’s research for yourself, you can find it on,, and

This episode first aired on June 17, 2017.

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