Imagine if you or someone you know lost their job or business because of their point of view. Imagine if they were being pressured to endorse a view they disagreed with and they got fired because they refused to cave. This is exactly what happened to our guests Blaine Adamson and David Jones. Their religious freedom has been challenged.

Today on Educate For Life, Kevin talks to two people who have been targeted because of their beliefs on one issue. Blaine Adamson is a printer in Kentucky who was sued for declining to print shirts endorsing a gay pride event. He and his attorney, Jim Campbell, will describe what happened in his case and how they argued that no one should be forced to endorse a view they don’t agree with.

You will also hear the story of David Jones. David was a teacher in the San Diego area who was fired. David was being pressured to call one of his female students as a boy. But because of his Christian beliefs, he concluded that doing so would violate his conscience. Not only was he being told he had to call a girl as a boy, he was told he basically had to lie about the issue to the girl’s parents. The school eventually fired him because he refused to deny what he knows is the truth.

Tune in to Educate For Life to hear how real people’s lives are being seriously affected simply by what their worldview is. Should people be forced to endorse messages they morally disagree with? Are these people being unloving and intolerant by not endorsing views that are contrary to their beliefs? Tune in to find out.

This episode first aired on June 24, 2017.

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