Polar Bear’s Fantastic Fur

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Did polar bear fur just happen by chance?

The polar bear has amazing fur! A number of years ago, researchers needed to determine how many polar bears lived in the Arctic. Scientists flew over the region using an infrared detection system to count the number of bears. Surprisingly, none were found. How could this be? They knew polar bears were down there, but why were they not detected? Nature had “out-smarted” the scientists!
Infrared detectors work by detecting heat which is radiating from the body. It was discovered that polar bears were so well insulated that they experienced almost no heat loss through their fur. Therefore, they could not be detected by the infrared instruments. Scientists were ultimately successful in counting the polar bears, but they had to switch to ultraviolet sensors.
Each hair on the bear is hollow and filled with gas molecules. This slows the flow of heat as it escapes the bear’s body. The Arctic region is bitterly cold at night, so the Master Designer had to design a fur coat that would truly withstand these brutal temperatures. Polar bear fur is unlike the fur of any other bear. Polar bears need this specially designed fur in order to survive.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)


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