Population Problem

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Did you know The Earth’s population refutes evolution?

Some evolutionary scientists believe that man has existed for over a million years and their belief has overwhelming issues. Using the assumption of 43 years, for the average human generation, the population growth over a million years would produce 23,256 consecutive generations. We calculate the expected population by starting with one couple one million years ago and use the same assumption of 43 year generation and 2.5 children per family. The evolutionary theory of a million years of growth would produce trillions and trillions and trillions of people that should be alive today on our planet.
To help understand, the number is much greater than the total number of atoms in our expansive universe. Furthermore, if mankind lived on earth for millions of years, we would all be standing on an enormous mountain of bones from trillions of skeletons of those who had died in past generations. However, despite tremendous archaeological and scientific investigation in the last two centuries, the scientists have not found a fraction of the trillions of skeletons predicted by the theory of evolutionary scientists.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Comfort Evidence Bible & Grant our Jeffrey The Signature of God)


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