Monday, December 31, 2012

Click here to listen to the show. . On this show I guest hosted for Bob Siegel on KCBQ AM 1170. I had two guests on the show. One was an ex-evolutionist who became a Christian creationist and the other was an ex-Catholic who had become an agnostic.

The ex-Catholic was Sandy Eulitt who is an astronomy professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Saddleback College.

The ex-evolutionist was Carey Waldie. He is a pastor and author of four books. He has a bachelor of science from Western Michigan University and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Religion and Science program at Biola University. Carey used to accept evolution as fact and even after he became a Christian, he believed in what’s called theistic evolution but after examining the assumptions of evolution more closely, he abandoned the theory in favor of an intelligent designer who created everything. It’s a very interesting show.

At the end of the show Sandy laughed at my remark that the Biblical worldview was the most plausible worldview. We didn’t get to discuss why she thought that was so funny but the current materialist evolutionary worldview has tremendous problems if you’re looking for a cohesive perspective that makes sense of our origins, free will, the complexity of life, consciousness, sense of morality, anthropology, geology, experience and many more issues. On the other hand, the Biblical worldview not only has compelling answers to the universal questions that humanity has asked but also tremendous amounts of factual evidences supporting the credibility of the history and explanations reported in the Bible. The classes I offer contain more than sixty hours of content explaining, discussing, and displaying the reasonableness of the Biblical perspective on reality. You can sign up for a class here..

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