Cindi’s Hope is a Christian ministry working in Africa to rescue children from human trafficking. They rescue orphans from war-torn countries including Rwanda, Uganda, and Sudan. The ministry provides these children with safety, housing, and quality education.

Today, Cindi’s Hope provides a quality Christian education, nutritious meals, love, and encouragement to nearly 200 children in 2 different centers in Kenya and our Primary School in Rwanda. Cindi’s Hope is active and growing in many different communities. Children, families, and entire communities are being transformed through continuing education and Christ’s love.

While the children are first rescued from their situations by the Kenyan government, they do not offer assistance or resources to Cindi’s Hope.  Free education is offered at the Cindi’s Hope Primary schools.  Therefore funding must come from outside sources.  Help Cindi to provide much-needed food, clothing, and infrastructure for the Cindi’s Hope Academys.

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This episode first aired on May 11, 2019

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